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namesort ascending Organization Job title Interests
Alyssa Wright's picture Alyssa Wright Vice President, Partnerships and Business Development
Mark Wong's picture Mark Wong
Frank Warmerdam [Planet Labs]'s picture Frank Warmerdam Planet Labs Software Developer
Amy Lee Walton [Mapbox]'s picture Amy Lee Walton Mapbox
Benjamin Trigona-Harany [Boundless]'s picture Benjamin Trigona-Harany Boundless PostGIS, GeoServer, QGIS, versioning, routing, analysis.
Michele Tobias [California State Parks]'s picture Michele Tobias California State Parks Environmental Scientist Kite Aerial Photography, Cartography, Web Maps, Spatial Analysis, Open Source, Beaches, Python
Eric Theise's picture Eric Theise Geospatial web developer Cartography, experimental film, historical geography, sea chanteys, spatial statistics.
michael terner [Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo)]'s picture michael terner Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo) Executive VP
Beth Tellman [Arizona State University]'s picture Beth Tellman Arizona State University PhD Student disaster resilience, flooding, ecosystem services, coupled human natural systems, land use change, hydrology, remote sensing, complexity science
Dane Springmeyer [Mapbox]'s picture Dane Springmeyer Mapbox Engineer
Nate Smith [Development Seed]'s picture Nate Smith Development Seed
Lizzi Slivinski [Association of State Floodplain Managers]'s picture Lizzi Slivinski Association of State Floodplain Managers Web GIS Specialist Disaster Management, Natural Resources Management, Community Outreach, Data Visualization, Charts, Graphs, Maps, Salmon
Richard Sharp [The Natural Capital Project]'s picture Richard Sharp The Natural Capital Project Lead Software Architect Computational software for natural science applications, high performance computing applications, cloud computing, and scientific visualization.
Christopher Seeger's picture Christopher Seeger
Beth Schechter [Stamen]'s picture Beth Schechter Stamen Education + Outreach maps, large flaming sculptures, traveling, more maps
Sara Safavi [Hart Safavi LLC]'s picture Sara Safavi Hart Safavi LLC Software Developer open source, Python, community building, good beer
Even Rouault [Spatialys]'s picture Even Rouault Spatialys Software engineer
Andrew Ross [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Andrew Ross Eclipse Foundation Director, Ecosystem Development Cool technology & especially geospatial, VoIP, and Video. Astronomy, Biking, and reading a good book.
Jack Reed [Stanford University]'s picture Jack Reed Stanford University Geospatial Web Engineer open data, discovery, accessibility
Paul Ramsey's picture Paul Ramsey
Pierre Racine [University Laval - Center for forest research]'s picture Pierre Racine University Laval - Center for forest research Geospatial Information System Architect - Research Professional PostGIS, spatial analysis
Seth Price's picture Seth Price
Gretchen Peterson's picture Gretchen Peterson
Bborie Park's picture Bborie Park
Jenny Palomino [UC Berkeley]'s picture Jenny Palomino UC Berkeley Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Student Researcher
Regina Obe [Paragon Corporation]'s picture Regina Obe Paragon Corporation Co-Founder Paragon Corporation PostGIS, PostgreSQL, MapServer, OpenLayers, pgRouting
Shruti Mukhtyar [Geospatial Innovation Facility, UC Berkeley]'s picture Shruti Mukhtyar Geospatial Innovation Facility, UC Berkeley Web Application Developer
Bruce Momjian's picture Bruce Momjian
Alan McConchie's picture Alan McConchie
Stephen Mather [Cleveland Metroparks]'s picture Stephen Mather Cleveland Metroparks GIS Manager
Nick Martinelli's picture Nick Martinelli
Roland Martin [Arup]'s picture Roland Martin Arup Senior GIS Consultant Walking, cycling, ancient British TV, dull/pretentious foreign films and electronic music. Synths and stuff. I've got a MicroKorg but also some pretty rare and unusual things including a theremin which doesn't work. I also love aimless travel and learning languages (currently French and German, a bit of Spanish, and right now I'm failing abysmally to learn Mandarin).
Alex Mandel's picture Alex Mandel
Camilla Mahon's picture Camilla Mahon
Rahul Maddimsetty [Foursquare Labs]'s picture Rahul Maddimsetty Foursquare Labs Software Engineer
Dennis Luxen's picture Dennis Luxen
Gordon Luckett [Arrow Geomatics Inc.]'s picture Gordon Luckett Arrow Geomatics Inc. GIS Consultant, Trainer and Developer Bicycle Touring
Charlie Loyd [Mapbox]'s picture Charlie Loyd Mapbox Imagery engineer
Matt Lord [Oracle]'s picture Matt Lord Oracle MySQL Product Manager Database Management Systems (particularly MySQL), Operating Systems (particularly UNIX and UNIX-like variants), GIS, video games, and motorcycles.
Jeremy Lindsey [Mosaic ATM]'s picture Jeremy Lindsey Mosaic ATM Principal Software Engineer Web Maps, NodeJS, Java, Scuba Diving, Spanish, Hockey, and occasionally Raspberry Pi or Arduino tinkering.
Dale Kunce's picture Dale Kunce
harish krishna [Mapzen]'s picture harish krishna Mapzen Software Engineer Open Source Software, Open Data, Sky Diving, Para gliding, node.js, javascript, D3, elasticsearch, AWS, scala, java, geospatial, maps, geocoding, big data
Kathryn Killebrew [Azavea]'s picture Kathryn Killebrew Azavea software developer Web and mobile development; OpenTripPlanner; Leaflet; CartoDB projects; Nominatim.
Keith Jenkins [Cornell University]'s picture Keith Jenkins Cornell University GIS Librarian data discovery, open data, metadata, QGIS, PostGIS, CartoDB
Alireza Jazayeri [Development Seed]'s picture Alireza Jazayeri Development Seed
Denise Jacobs's picture Denise Jacobs Creativity Evangelist
Jim Hughes's picture Jim Hughes
LEO HSU [Paragon Corporation]'s picture LEO HSU Paragon Corporation Co-Founder PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgRouting, Economics