Web Mapping Day

Fri, 2014-11-28 10:41

Torque Time Lapse Map Animations Outside of CartoDB

So you have some data in a PostGIS database that you'd like to animate on a map. No problem!

In this session, I will walk through the steps for using CartoDB's excellent Torque library for creating animated map visualizations outside of a full CartoDB installation. This involves adding some functions to your PostGIS database, setting up a Windshaft tile server, setting up a minimal version of the CartoDB SQL API, then creating the HTML and CartoCSS to present your animation on a Leaflet map. I will also present a demonstration project using a stand-alone Torque setup.

Mon, 2014-11-17 22:15

Cartographic design in GL maps: beyond zoom levels and raster tiles

Client-side vector rendering introduces a new fluidity to map interactions: seamless zooms replace fixed integer z-levels, maps can be freely rotated 360 degrees, and with one click a map can seamlessly transition its style from day to night. With these new capabilities come new cartographic paradigms. This talk will shed light on the fundamental differences between GL styling and CartoCSS, from both design and technical perspectives.

Mon, 2014-11-17 19:42

The State of Vector Tiles

Vector Tiles provide a fast, efficient, and flexible way of sharing spatial data on the web. This talk will highlight the latest advances in the Mapbox specification for Vector Tiles. New and existing open source implementations to create, consume, and transform Vector Tiles will be covered as well as recommendations for how to achieve the best possible performance for decoding and rendering.

Tue, 2014-10-14 09:23

Temporal Visualization with Cesium

Whether it spans hours, days, or decades, Cesium's first class treatment of time makes it the ideal tool for visualizing temporal geospatial data. In this talk I'll provide an overview of Cesium's time-dynamic architecture as well as showcase demos which make use of temporal data; including time-capable formats, such as CZML and KML. Finally, I'll discuss ways to use Cesium's API to add temporal elements to traditionally static sources, like GeoJSON and TopoJSON.

Thu, 2014-10-09 15:19

Connecting MapGuide to CesiumJS

MapGuide has been a part of FOSS4G since 2006. It has evolved over the years to be a mature and robust web-based GIS.
Using the mapguide-rest hooks, you are now able to render your data streaming from MapGuide into the CesiumJS project in 3D using the CZML format.

This course will introduce MapGuide, the mapguide-rest project and give an overview of the CesiumJS project how all three components fit together.

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