Advanced spatial analysis with PostGIS

You think you know PostGIS? In this tutorial you will learn what is not in the books, nor in the blogs. Pierre Racine is the one behind the PostGIS Raster API and the PostGIS Addons. He has been pushing PostGIS to its limits since 2004. He will show you how to use the most mysterious raster functions, what are the best methods to rasterize a vector coverage, how to search nearest neighbors for thousands of geometries at a time, how to clean overlaps from a vector coverage and more!

We will assume that you have PostgreSQL (9.1 and up), PgAdmin and PostGIS (2.1.x) as well as OpenJump installed and running on your laptop BEFORE the beginning of the session. We will not cover installation and configuration. Only funny SQL jargon! Make also sure you can execute shp2pgsql from your command line window and to give at least 2048M of RAM to OpenJump with the -Xmx option in the or the oj_windows.bat launching script.

Write to me to get the material I used in the exercises.


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Regency A - Monday, March 9, 2015 - 13:00 to 16:00