Carto CSS and UTF Grids for Collaborative Mapping

Warning, this talk is about cartographers designing and building web applications. Tasked with making a mapping application for internal business use, we reached out for open source tools that could be combined to produce a platform for collaborative mapping and data sharing. We used tools like Mapbox.js, windshaft, mapnik, and PostGIS to build a web based application that allows its users to create, filter, edit, and share interactive maps and data with teams or individuals. The presentation will take you through the challenges of building on FOSS, and the importance of small group collaborative mapping. Highlights will be our efforts to use great, but occasionally sparsely documented FOSS code and tools, and the sometimes challenging chore of making them play nice together. Also, discussion of why we feel collaborative editing and creation of dynamic maps is an important future focus for web mapping applications. Last, the product we ended up with, and continue to develop for private use opens up the conversation about how to best give back to the FOSS community from the private sector.


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Regency A - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 15:00 to 15:35