Everyone's a Geographer

Because mapping has become such an interdisciplinary subject, we design CartoDB to appeal to artists and scientists, journalists and educators. This requires us to design a curriculum through our Academy and portfolio of tutorials that is both focused and broadly applicable. Based on feedback from educators at events like our Educators Night, meetings at colleges with professors, open source engagement, and many workshops all over the world, CartoDB continually hones its materials while aiming to teach for the next generation of mappers.

I will be speaking about the methodology that we use at CartoDB to design our education materials. As a former physics teacher who collaborates with our librarian-developer, we have designed and planned multi-lesson courses in geospatial data curation, CartoDB for Educators, CartoDB.js from the ground up, SQL and PostGIS in CartoDB, and more with the goal of allowing everyone to become a mapper.


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Regency C - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05