FOSS4G and Agriculture: How FOSS4G enables Farmers to make smarter decisions

At Granular, we use and extend FOSS4G software across our tech-stack to give Farmers the tools required to run their farms more effectively and efficiently. We do this by integrating GDAL, PDAL, PostGIS, pgRouting, PostgreSQL Pointcloud, Shapely, JSTS and Leaflet with commercial GIS to address several significant problems faced by Farmers:

- Tools that allow a Farmer to manage their fields from different perspectives.
- Background pipelines to digest ever-growing meteorological and climate datasets that inform models to answer immediate and near-term questions regarding the condition of a Grower's fields.
- Ability to process, store and analyze machine data (large pointcloud-like datasets generated whenever a farm equipment is in operation).
- Routing mechanisms to efficiently plan the route of over-sized equipment between fields and sets fields taking into account road restrictions.

We will discuss how we implemented the above in a little over a year and share lessons learned while doing this on Amazon AWS.


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Regency A - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 15:15 to 15:50