OpenDroneMap: Open Source Toolkit for processing Civilian Drone Imagery

OpenDroneMap is an Open Source Toolkit for processing Civilian Drone Imagery, or balloon imagery, or kite imagery, or even street view imagery. As small unmanned aerial systems have dropped in price and become readily affordable, software for making meaningful geographic data from civilian drones has not. Until now.

OpenDroneMap is fully Open Source postprocessing tool for highly overlapping unreferenced imagery, turning the unstructured data (simple photos) into structured data. What kind of structured data? How about colorized point clouds, digital surface models, textured digital surface models, and orthophotography?

The project can be found at . This session will act as an introduction to OpenDroneMap, give an overview of what the current status of the project is, detail what the anticipated next steps are in the project, and how you can participate as a user and/or developer.


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Regency C - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05