OSGeo and LocationTech Comparison and Incubation

We have two great organisations hosting FOSS4G this year: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation and LocationTech. Putting on a great event is not the primary responsibility of these software foundations - supporting our great open source software is!

This talk will introduce OSGeo and LocationTech, and balance the tricky topic of comparison for those interested in what each organisation offers and identifying possibilities for collaboration.

Each of these software foundations has an “incubation” process setup to onboard new projects. This incubation process matches the organization's priorities and will address many factors important to you, and few ideas you may not of considered yet.

This talks draws the incubation experience of:

* GeoServer (OSGeo), GeoTools (OSGeo),
* GeoGig (LocationTech), uDig (LocationTech)

If you are an open source developer interested in joining a foundation we will cover some of the resource, marking and infrastructure benefits that may be a factor for consideration. We will also looking into some of the long term benefits a software foundation provides both you and importantly users of your software.

If you are a team members faced with the difficult choice of selecting open source technologies this talk can help. We can learn a lot about the risks associated with open source based on how each foundation seeks to protect you. The factors a software foundation considers for its projects provide useful criteria you can use to evaluate any projects.

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Regency A - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:05