Processing , serving and visualizing huge point clouds on Mobile devices and Web pages.

Mobile Map Tools is a library to build Native Mobile Map Apps. Visualize huge points cloud in a 3D environment is a hard task that could be face using a server-client approachment

This library has the following capabilities:

  1. Very big point cloud could be served using a streamed format  
  2. The points serverd save the shape of the cloud
  3. Using LoD techniques and MMT you can see the point cloud in 3D on any mobile device or web page.
  4. The point cloud must be pre-processed

The software developed to show this data is: 

  1. A tool to import the point cloud in it's different formats
  2. A library to save this data in a Berkeley DB
  3. A library to pre-process fastly this points
  4. A server to give the appropiate points to the client app

A live demo will be done during the session.

Mobile Map Technology is a library developed by Glob3 Mobile Inc, and is under the Location Tech's umbrella.






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Sandpebble AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 15:00 to 15:35