Python for GIS People

Python is one of the most powerful tools you could keep in your open geospatial toolkit, but too many of us tend to put Python in a box labeled "for developers only" and walk away. I want to crush that misconception by showing GIS people who are interested in learning more about Python how easy it is to get started, and how useful Python can be to their specific needs.

This presentation is intended to be the inverse counterpart of a talk I've given previously, "GIS for Python People". In that talk, my goal was to bridge the gap to spatial concepts for an audience of Python developers -- here, I'll aim to similarly make Python more accessible to GIS professionals who might not primarily consider themselves "coders" of any kind.

My goals here are twofold: first, to try and demystify the basic idea of "Python" for people who are interested in learning more and are coming from a geospatial background. I'll cover general Python concepts and discuss some of the ways in which Python is used in GIS today. Second, I want to show how anyone at FOSS4GNA could get started learning Python, and how Python could be integrated into their existing GIS workflows. I'll go over some of the more common geo-related Python tools and libraries available today, and show examples of real-world use-cases, both simple and more complex.

This is an enthusiastic-beginner-level talk: like the title says, this is for "GIS People"! Although I won't be teaching any Python in this session, neither will I be presuming any pre-existing Python (or general programming) knowledge at all. Everyone in attendance should be able to learn something new while following along with the concepts & examples I'll discuss.

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Regency B - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 10:30 to 11:05