Revisiting the Geolode: the motherlode of geospatial data sources

You can't make a map without data. A wealth of free and publicly-accessible geospatial data exists on thousands of independent websites scattered around the world, but tracking down these websites can be a challenge. Geolode is a collaborative catalog of open geodata websites around the world, searchable and browseable by location, topic, and other tags, so that searchers can quickly focus on the most relevant websites for their geodata needs. An open API also provides access to the catalog's records in JSON format. was launched at FOSS4G 2014 to help bring order to the chaos of the web by collecting and organizing information about websites that distribute geospatial data. Six months later, at FOSS4GNA 2015, we'll review our progress in building a community of contributors, adding new websites, enhancing their descriptions, and making Geolode the most comprehensive directory of open geospatial data sources on the web.

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Regency A - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 11:15 to 11:50