Which Way Is Inbound? A Journey with SF Muni and Directional Statistics

The San Francisco Municipal Railway is the public transit system for the city and county of San Francisco, and is responsible for operating buses, light rail, and the world famous cable cars. Although route schedules are prefaced with the modifiers "Inbound" and "Outbound", Muni's use of these terms often has little to do with their generally understood meaning. In this presentation I'll use open data and an open source geostack―Python, GeoDjango, PostgreSQL + PostGIS, and Leaflet, along with R and a new JavaScript statistics library―to visually, then statistically, analyze and discuss the resulting cognitive dissonance.

Now boarding: animated cartography, hypothesis testing, comparative analytics, humor & bewilderment. Information gladly given, but safety requires avoiding unnecessary conversation


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Regency A - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 15:00 to 15:35