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Managing Director Open Source Programs


Open source software. Building industry consortia. Crowd sourcing for data development.


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Eddie Pickle is a geospatial technology executive and co-founder of two successful software companies. At RadiantBlue he works with US government customers and commercial partners to bring the power of open source geospatial technologies to bear on web and mobile apps. Previously, Eddie led the spinout of open source pioneer OpenGeo (a division of OpenPlans) into the global geo leader, Boundless. While at Boundless, Eddie helped found the LocationTech industry working group.

Eddie is a knowledgeable data scientist with extensive experience at creating and operating industry data consortiums for geospatial data, financial services and risk management. Previous to his service at Boundless, he was one of the founders of IONIC Enterprise and served as its Chief Operating Officer until its purchase by ERDAS in 2007. Prior to that, Eddie was a senior executive at Claritas (now part of Nielsen) and IXI Corporation (now part of Equifax). Eddie holds a Masters degree in Geography from UCLA with a specialization in demography, and a BA in Geography from the University of Tennessee.