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Lyzi Diamond [Mapbox]

Education Team

Lyzi is a member of the Education Team at Mapbox, working to help anyone interested in open source geospatial technology learn how to build beautiful, accurate maps and conduct intelligent spatial

Joshua Donato

Aaron Drake

Systems Engineer

Blake Draper

Software Developer

Rob Emanuele [Azavea]

Tech Lead, GeoTrellis

Rob Emanuele is a software developer at Azavea, and is the project lead for the GeoTrellis project.

Scala, Big Data, functional programming, clean API development, music and all other types of art.

Seth Fitzsimmons [Stamen]

mishwat fwangshak []

web surfing chess programming entertainment reading writing academics(generally)

Wabuya Gaothusi

Jody Garnett [Boundless]

Community Lead

Serves on the Project Steering Committee for each of the GeoServer, GeoTools and uDig projects.

Michael Gerlek [RadiantBlue]

Daniel Getman [National Renewable Energy Laboratory]

Geospatial Data Science Team Lead

Dan Getman leads the Geospatial Data Science team at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO. In this position, Mr.

Spatial analysis and spatiotemporal data visualization.

Santiago Giraldo Anduaga [CartoDB]

Senior Technical Evangelist

Santiago is an urban and environmental systems scientist currently working as Senior technical Evangelist for CartoDB.

Maps, green tea, systems science, activism, bicycles, and snowboards,

Rhonda Glennon

Alan Glennon [Arogi]


Alan Glennon is a 2013 graduate of the geography doctoral program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He studies spatial computation and geographically embedded networks.

Android, operations research, geysers, caves

Anders Goettsche []

Lead Architect

Julie Goldberg [Empower Engine]


Julie has been involved in Washington State progressive politics for a decade, and she has been programming for more than two, since high school.

Python, Django, JS, PostGIS, Software Engineering Best Practices, Software Optimization, Democratic and Progressive Politics, Women in Tech, Reading, Lesbian Community, Cycling, Rowing, Travel

Diego Gomez-Deck

john gravois [esri]

developer outreach

john does developer outreach for Esri. he is really nice.

bicycles, JavaScript and DIY

Paul Grimm

Randal Hale [North River Geographic Systems, Inc]


Own North River Geographic Systems, Inc. Cats, GIS, Canoes, and other insanity.

qgis, data, python, postgis, postgresql, cats.

Brian M Hamlin [OSGeo California Chapter]

Matthew Hanson [Development Seed]

Geospatial Developer

Bailey Hanson [Iowa State University Extension and Outreach]

GIS Analyst

Paul Harbulak [MDA Information Systems LLC]

Geospatial Developer
PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Python, satellite imagery

Darren Hardy [Stanford University]

GIS Software Engineer
geospatial data discovery, preservation

Christy Heaton

Andres Herrera [CENICAÑA - Colombian Sugarcane Research Center]

GIS Analyst
gis,osgeo,spatial data, remote sensing

Kyle Howell [Planet Labs]

Web Developer

LEO HSU [Paragon Corporation]


Leo is a co-founder of Paragon Corporation, a web application and database development company. Paragon Corporation usesPostgreSQL and PostGIS extensively in their practice.

PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgRouting, Economics

brian huberty

Jim Hughes

Gilles Iachelini [mtrail GmbH]

Software Engineer

Anne Jacko [The Eclipse Foundation]

Conference Queen

ryan jarvinen [Red Hat]

Open Source Evangelist

Ryan Jarvinen is an Open Source Evangelist working with RedHat's OpenShift team.

open source, open standards, open government, digital rights, distributed systems

Keith Jenkins [Cornell University]

GIS Librarian

GIS Librarian at Cornell University

data discovery, open data, metadata, QGIS, PostGIS, CartoDB

chris johnson

jason kaden

Rajasekar Karthik [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

Research Scientist

Geoffrey Kateregga [Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team]

Mapping Supervisor

Geoffrey Kateregga is a Lead Mapping Supervisor for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) in East Africa applying principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and e

Travelling, Mapping, Watching Soccer

Kathryn Killebrew [Azavea]

software developer

Software developer at geospatial firm Azavea, in Philadelphia.

Web and mobile development; OpenTripPlanner; Leaflet; CartoDB projects; Nominatim.

Marta Klaric [GIS Cloud]

Marynia Kolak [GeoDa Center - Arizona State University]

PhD Researcher
Spatial analysis & modeling, urban geography, health disparities, public health informatics, open source development

harish krishna [Mapzen]

Software Engineer
Open Source Software, Open Data, Sky Diving, Para gliding, node.js, javascript, D3, elasticsearch, AWS, scala, java, geospatial, maps, geocoding, big data

Jakob Lanstorp

Computing geologist

Nahm Lee

Assistant Civil Engineer

I developed flood forecast system in hydrology part with python, R and HEC-HMS and I designed flood forecast web page using geoserver and openlayer.

Python, R, Geoserver, open layer and postGIS

Beth Liebert

Jeremy Lindsey [Mosaic ATM]

Principal Software Engineer

I am a career software engineer with domain experience in aviation, finance, insurance, and mobile gaming. Lately, I spend most of my time trying to get to web maps to bend to my will!

Web Maps, NodeJS, Java, Scuba Diving, Spanish, Hockey, and occasionally Raspberry Pi or Arduino tinkering.

Matt Lord [Oracle]

MySQL Product Manager

Matt Lord is a Product Manager in the MySQL group at Oracle.

Database Management Systems (particularly MySQL), Operating Systems (particularly UNIX and UNIX-like variants), GIS, video games, and motorcycles.