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namesort descending Organization Job title Interests
Vladimir Agafonkin's picture Vladimir Agafonkin
Andrea Aime [GeoSolutions]'s picture Andrea Aime GeoSolutions Tech Lead Server side spatial data access, analysis, map rendering, security.
Shannon Albeke's picture Shannon Albeke
Matthew Amato [Cesium]'s picture Matthew Amato Cesium Senior Software Architect data-driven visualization, temporal data, development processes, 3D, imagery, terrain, open standards
Lauren Ancona [City of Philadelphia]'s picture Lauren Ancona City of Philadelphia Senior Data Scientist Functional design, web analytics, surfing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Olympics weightlifting, and woodworking.
Jesse Andrews [Planet Labs]'s picture Jesse Andrews Planet Labs VP, Product Engineering
Carlos Baez [Arogi]'s picture Carlos Baez Arogi
Norman Barker [IBM, Mobile First]'s picture Norman Barker IBM, Mobile First Location Architect
Penny Beames's picture Penny Beames Mapping and Communication Specialist
Josh Berkus's picture Josh Berkus
Maziyar Boustani [NASA JPL]'s picture Maziyar Boustani NASA JPL Data Scientist and GIS Developer
Michael Bowman [Applied Information Sciences]'s picture Michael Bowman Applied Information Sciences Principal Software Engineer Data Visualization, Web Mapping, Web Development, JavaScript, D3.js, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium, Node.js, QGIS, GeoServer, PostGIS
Ragi Burhum [AmigoCloud]'s picture Ragi Burhum AmigoCloud CEO Geospatial Libraries, GDAL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Mobile, Interoperability, Realtime-servers
Daniel Caldwell's picture Daniel Caldwell
Pedro Camargo's picture Pedro Camargo Transportation Engineer These days I’m interested in open source software, transportation demand modeling, freight planning, transit network design, Python and Cython extensions for transportation modeling/planning and GIS applications.
Evan Chan's picture Evan Chan
Eugene Cheipesh's picture Eugene Cheipesh
Gianni Ciolli [2ndQuadrant]'s picture Gianni Ciolli 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL and PostGIS Consultant at 2ndQuadrant Databases Scalability Performance Mathematics
Sarah Cordivano's picture Sarah Cordivano Mapmaker maps, baking pies, reading, camping
Drew Dara-Abrams [Mapzen]'s picture Drew Dara-Abrams Mapzen lead, transit + urban design
Phillip Davis [GeoAcademy]'s picture Phillip Davis GeoAcademy Director All Things Open.
Manuel de la Calle's picture Manuel de la Calle
Katy DeCorah [Mapbox]'s picture Katy DeCorah Mapbox
Lyzi Diamond [Mapbox]'s picture Lyzi Diamond Mapbox Education Team
Nicki Dlugash's picture Nicki Dlugash
Ozgun Erdogan's picture Ozgun Erdogan
Andy Eschbacher [CartoDB]'s picture Andy Eschbacher CartoDB Map Scientist
Seth Fitzsimmons [Stamen]'s picture Seth Fitzsimmons Stamen
Jody Garnett [Boundless]'s picture Jody Garnett Boundless Community Lead
Daniel Getman [National Renewable Energy Laboratory]'s picture Daniel Getman National Renewable Energy Laboratory Geospatial Data Science Team Lead Spatial analysis and spatiotemporal data visualization.
Alan Glennon [Arogi]'s picture Alan Glennon Arogi Geographer Android, operations research, geysers, caves
Julie Goldberg [Empower Engine]'s picture Julie Goldberg Empower Engine Principal Python, Django, JS, PostGIS, Software Engineering Best Practices, Software Optimization, Democratic and Progressive Politics, Women in Tech, Reading, Lesbian Community, Cycling, Rowing, Travel
Randal Hale [North River Geographic Systems, Inc]'s picture Randal Hale North River Geographic Systems, Inc President qgis, data, python, postgis, postgresql, cats.
Carol Hansen's picture Carol Hansen
Matthew Hanson [Development Seed]'s picture Matthew Hanson Development Seed Geospatial Developer
Bailey Hanson [Iowa State University Extension and Outreach]'s picture Bailey Hanson Iowa State University Extension and Outreach GIS Analyst
Andrew Hill's picture Andrew Hill
LEO HSU [Paragon Corporation]'s picture LEO HSU Paragon Corporation Co-Founder PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgRouting, Economics
Jim Hughes's picture Jim Hughes
Denise Jacobs's picture Denise Jacobs Creativity Evangelist
Alireza Jazayeri [Development Seed]'s picture Alireza Jazayeri Development Seed
Keith Jenkins [Cornell University]'s picture Keith Jenkins Cornell University GIS Librarian data discovery, open data, metadata, QGIS, PostGIS, CartoDB
Kathryn Killebrew [Azavea]'s picture Kathryn Killebrew Azavea software developer Web and mobile development; OpenTripPlanner; Leaflet; CartoDB projects; Nominatim.
harish krishna [Mapzen]'s picture harish krishna Mapzen Software Engineer Open Source Software, Open Data, Sky Diving, Para gliding, node.js, javascript, D3, elasticsearch, AWS, scala, java, geospatial, maps, geocoding, big data
Dale Kunce's picture Dale Kunce
Jeremy Lindsey [Mosaic ATM]'s picture Jeremy Lindsey Mosaic ATM Principal Software Engineer Web Maps, NodeJS, Java, Scuba Diving, Spanish, Hockey, and occasionally Raspberry Pi or Arduino tinkering.
Matt Lord [Oracle]'s picture Matt Lord Oracle MySQL Product Manager Database Management Systems (particularly MySQL), Operating Systems (particularly UNIX and UNIX-like variants), GIS, video games, and motorcycles.
Charlie Loyd [Mapbox]'s picture Charlie Loyd Mapbox Imagery engineer