You are all welcome at FOSS4G NA 2015

Mon, 2015-03-09 10:11

Dear FOSS4G NA Attendees,

We are so glad to decided to come to FOSS4G North America 2015!

At this conference, you will hear from many experts who are doing incredible work in the area of open source software and open data. This event is a chance to meet, share ideas, and learn from one another. We hope you have a great time doing so!

This year's conference has a different face. You will notice the audience is a bit more diverse, and particularly a higher proportion of women speaking and attending. There are many attending who identify as part of groups traditionally underrepresented at open source tech events. We're so glad they came. Please help us celebrate this!

There is a code of conduct, it is very important, please take a moment to re-read it and respectful in your conduct to others.

Our deep gratitude to the organizing and program committee whose efforts were crucial to putting on a great event for you.

Please help us thank the sponsors who generously supported us organizing this event for you.

Buckle up, it's going to be an amazing & busy conference! And have fun.